Just another day

I haven’t been feeling myself lately.  Not sure if I’m suffering from a mild depression due to the changes in our lives of late or if I’m coming down with something. Regardless of the cause, I’m just off my game. I have little joy in anything. My days seem to just run from one to the next, with little variation and little to motivate me to pursue the next day with passion.

This is how today started.  And for the most part, it ran its course that way. Then I decided to go meet my new little buddy, Kaleb. Little Kaleb Richard Baxter was born yesterday to some of my dearest friends, Scott and Jessica Baxter. New life – human, canine, even feline or avian (or other -ine, -ian)  – always brings a smile to my face. But when the little one belongs to a family that I already love, the joy goes deep.  I cannot wait to see this little guy develop into the man God has planned for him and I thank our Father that he provided him with such godly parents.

Today wasn’t just another day!  Time spent with dear friends and their beautiful blessing makes today an extraordinary day!


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