It was a good day !

Sundays are usually mixed for me.  I have responsibilties at church, but worshipping with my church family ALWAYS overshadows those.  I usually wake anticipating just another day, but God always comes through and fills my heart and soul.  However, today was all blessing for me! I began my day with an hour and a half on my back deck – an hour of yoga and then breakfast and coffee with Eric out there too. By the time I left for church, I felt as if the Lord had already given me a relaxing, refreshing morning.  I looked forward to our church service this morning as today we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Pastor Quin and Beth Williams. I have the the extreme privledge of calling them Pastor, friend, coworker.  I have the the honor of serving on staff along side them for over 10 years. God is faithful and has allowed me to fulfill His calling on my life with people who understand and embrace the fact that God calls all of His children differently.  I could not be more blessed to call them my Pastor and wife. 

Following a typical Baptist fellowship, I had the joy of watching my sister Andrea play Paulette in Legally Blonde, The Musical at Casper College. She is truly gifted and stole the show (I MIGHT be prejudice, but I don’t think so :)) I laughed until I cried😂😂 and enjoyed every moment of the production!  I was reminded what a gift family is and came home to enjoy Eric and the girls.

I made a simple dinner of salad and spaghetti. And finished my day just as I had started it, on my back deck enjoying the air and the sky.  As life seems to get more complicated, I realize just how important the quiet still moments are to sanity and survival. My day was bookended with quiet still moments and in between God gave me joy and blessing more than I deserved.  It was a good day! 


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