Independence Day

Today, my daughter, hubby and I thought it would be fun to see the new Independence Day movie.  The second movie overall plot line varies little from the first, but the dialogue and character interaction make for a wonderfully entertaining movie.  In watching the movie for the second time (yes, second time), I was struck by the themes of love, relationship and sacrifice.  Without giving spoilers, I have to say that the older I get, the more I realize those are the very essence of why God put us on earth.  Not only to love Him, have a personal relationship with Him and to embrace His sacrifice on the cross, but to love those around us, to develop deep, intimate relationships with those around us and to sacrifice for one another so that those with whom we have relationship know of the the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for us.

In this almost farcical political season of 2016, I see so many people alienating others through the wall of social media. The pure vitriol of some of the social media posts and responses literally make me sick. I find myself “hiding” more and more posts as the presidential election comes closer.  I look at the candidates and wonder when the people in our country became more about comfort and less about freedom. More about defining the way everyone should treat everyone else, regardless of how that infringes on the rights that Americans purport to hold dear.  I wonder everyday why the beliefs and feelings of one group should ever have the power to suppress the beliefs and feelings of another group.  If I recall my history correctly, some of these are the very issues that inspired the Declaration of Independence.   While the Declaration names political issues, so many of the colonials had crossed the treacherous Atlantic to escape religious persecution.  In other words, they’d come so they could freely believe what and act in ways that their conscious dictated. So why do we feel that we have to, again, dictate what others should believe and how they should act and what on earth gives every soul the right to denigrate others for what they believe or how they act if it disagrees with another.

One of the themes that I love in the Independence Day movies is the unity of cause of the whole Earth.  The fight for survival against an outside source makes the people of Earth band together to fight for the right to survive. While aliens are not on the horizon, (at least today), we all face a common enemy in Satan. The love of Christ, our relationship with Him and the realization of His sacrifice should drive us as Christians to focus on fighting the enemy and banding together in love with he rest of the human race.  Our only survival against that enemy is the Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith.  Instead of causing irreparable rifts with those we are called to love, I wish that the relationship and sacrifice would be the name of the game for those who call themselves Jesus followers.


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